Rising pop princess Nina Nesbitt is about to usher you right on over to the ~feels~ section in her latest video, which sees her imagine her ex-lover being intimate with another girl.

The Scottish singer, who cut her teeth on YouTube covers, has quickly become recognizable for her magnetic sound, which blends pop and RnB. "The Best You Had" visual tells the story of lost of love, with Nina having to face the prospect of continuing on without her former flame, before eventually coming to terms with the fact their breakup meant his loss.

"I really wanted to make a video that brought to life the fear you have of an ex moving on to someone better than you," Nina says. "It represents the way your imagination runs wild with all the possibilities. We used two mirrored rooms, one with me and one with my ex and his new love interest, showing all the things I feared. I wanted something that felt uncomfortably real to fit the lyrics of the song."

Watch/relate below.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZFKsjTLBCI&feature=player_embedded expand=1]

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