If there was ever a track that so succinctly sums up the opps!-one-thing-leads-to-another narrative of romantic progression, it's RnB composer/singer Marc E. Bassy's "Plot Twist" — an undeniably catchy track featuring California's premier rapper on the rise, KYLE.

The visual, which features bathroom dalliances and many the hot-and-heavy make-out sesh, sees Marc E. Bassy navigate the honeymoon stage of a relationship with the girl of his dreams which is moving slightly too quick for comfort. KYLE makes a cameo with his own lady-love in a movie theater rager (dreams!) and everyone turns up in what makes for a strong contender for song of the summer.

"The video is meant to reflect the natural energy my friends and I bring to the song," the 2 Chainz-cosigned singer says of "Plot Twist." "My low key typewriter even made a cameo!"

Check it out below and hope for a plot twist of your own.


You'll Never Regret an Ephemeral Tattoo

Story by Ellen Atlanta / Photography by Tanner Abel and Nicholas Needham / Styling by Evan Dombkowski