It's been a piping hot minute since indie darlings Foster the People shimmied back onto the scene with their sophomore album Supermodel, and even longer since spicy debut (think "Pumped Up Kicks"), but the boys are very much back in town with a video for brand new single "Doing It For The Money" from a brand new album Sacred Hearts Club.

The Daniel Henry-directed visual uses Google's DeepDream Technology that manipulates reality to create a sensory overload. Expect insane animation, animals and the wildest studio session you've ever seen. Fresh off their Lollapalooza performance, the band is hitting the festival circuit in a big way this summer — catch them at The Meadows in New York next month, or on their North American tour, kicking off in a week's time.

In the meantime, however, do yourself a favor and step into Foster the People's surreal world below.

Image supplied.

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