Twenty years in the industry, and Moby is still going strong. The musician, DJ, photographer, author, and animal rights activist extraordinaire is all set to release the debut album of his new side-project Moby and The Void Pacific Choir, These Systems Are Failing – a bonafide political project (complete with manifesto), exploring the collapsing systems that are holding up our current society. And the album's latest single, "Hey Hey," is a swooping dance track that acts as an auditory call to action. Because even as Moby laments at how "they hang us out to dry," he also counteracts the innate pessimism of existence with the repeated rallying cry of "Hey Hey! 'Cause all our dreams will never die." So while the world may resemble a dumpster fire as of late, the last thing Moby wants you to do is lay down and take it. Listen below.

Moby's These Systems Are Failing is out this Friday via Mute.

photo by Melissa Danis

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