It's been four years since UK DJ Maya Jane Coles graced us with her first album, Comfort, in the long-ago days of summer 2013. In the meantime, she's become a titan of the underground dance scene, amassed over 3 million subscribers on Soundcloud, been sampled by Nicki Minaj (on "Truffle Butter"), and played ever-larger stages (including Coachella and supporting Depeche Mode on tour). But finally, the wait for her follow-up is over. Today we're premiering the first single from Coles' hotly anticipated second album, Take Flight. Listen below to the slinky, atmospheric jam "Weak," the perfect soundtrack to roll into a languid, hot summer weekend.

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You'll Never Regret an Ephemeral Tattoo

Story by Ellen Atlanta / Photography by Tanner Abel and Nicholas Needham / Styling by Evan Dombkowski