One New York's best kept secrets right now is flex dance music -- with everyone from Nicki Minaj to Rihanna taking notice. But for a two-fer dance/musical movement featuring these kinds of celebrity co-signs, it's remained remarkably under-the-radar.

Emerging from Brooklyn's Caribbean neighborhoods, flex dance music marries dancehall riddims and chopped-up vocals with the sort of 808-drenched, pulse-driven motifs you'd more commonly associate with contemporary club hits. And one of the genre's more prominent players is Immortal Instruments -- a production duo made up of Uninamise and Epic B -- who also happen to be headlining BETA this Friday in Bushwick. So ahead of an in-person club experience, we figured we'd premiere a couple of new tracks, alongside a few personal words about them, from the two producers themselves. Listen below and see where exactly Rih's sourcing all that dark dancehall influence from.

Uninamise - "Walking Legend"

"Flex dancers create stories when they dance, so I approach all my music with a story from my life. The vocals on this track echo my inner voice, telling me everything I've created has put me on the path to becoming a walking legend. The intro features the sound of someone getting killed in the streets of Brooklyn before they got to realize their goals."

Epic B - "Apollo 2.0 (VIP Mix)"

"This VIP mix of 'Apollo', a track off my first project Riddim from the Gods Vol. 1, expands on the elements of the original and takes things to another level. The original track was inspired by the Greek god Apollo, the god of music. It was very important to me to match the power of the god to the music, so I let the characteristics of him influence me."

Catch Uninamise and Epic B live at Alphaville (140 Wilson Ave, Brooklyn) this Friday.

photo by Heather Schwartz

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