photo by Meredith Truax

Canadian electro-popper Kiesza is having quite the year, performing worldwide and racking up big solo hits, all whilst releasing tracks with everyone from EDM supergroup Jack � to classic new wave hunks Duran Duran. Her latest offering though is the soaring, candy sweet-infused song "Give It To The Moment," which combines her soaring vocals with heady, can't-stop-won't-stop club production.

Collaborating with production maestro Djemba Djemba, "Give It To The Moment" is undoubtedly an infectious, EDM-infused earworm, laden with burbling synths, cinematic drops and a energized clap-track. And as a true whirlwind of swing-song inflections and amped up bass ramp-up, it's a euphoric party-closer if we've ever heard one. Listen to the track below and prepare to go up on a Tuesday. 

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