Cloaked in a fog machine haze and flanked by an army of animatronic toys, Hot Sugar's Nick Koenig is nothing short of an enigma in this puzzling, self-directed music video for "Mayday." 

A detached, cinematic dream that's equal parts Luigi's Mansion and "When Doves Cry"-era Prince, the video is all pastel-drenched futuro-kitsch -- from the video's robotic spiders to  light-up grills to Koenig's dead-eyed child-henchmen dressed in reflective outfits.

The follow-up video to the introspective "Your Nails Look So Pretty" video, the mysterious "Mayday" follows the same "based on a true story" scenario that we're hoping is more fact than fiction. Just let us know where we can find gold chains for our own pet lizards.

Peep a piece of Hot Sugar's weird, cold world in the captivating flick below.

NYC friends: Catch Hot Sugar on July 17th at Webster Hall.