Young rapper Kweku Collins has been having a pretty excellent 2015, even by the standards of the other up and coming artists from his part of the country, with blissed-out EP Say it Here, While it's Safe, released on Closed Sessions, the label known for its work with the cities' emerging artists like Chance the Rapper (the recent Chance-Lil B tape was recorded in their studio). Now, Collins is back with "Memorial," a contemplative track that should fit in well with the slipping away fall day.

"I wrote "Memorial" as a way of making myself say things I'd only ever thought," Collins says, of a track he claims isn't a love song "in the classic sense." Still, it's very sweet, and makes good preparation for Collins' first New York performance this weekend at a Boiler Room set hosted by Closed Sessions, which will also feature Saba and Your Old Droog. Check out "Memorial" below.

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