What do you get when you combine wobbly marimbas, a neon-soaked bassline and a grime-indebted arpeggio? Rising Toronto-based producer Pusher's new powerhouse of a track, "Shake Down," of course.

Taken from his forthcoming debut EP, the song also features a special guest appearance from the brash, inimitable South African rapper Push Push -- a collaboration that Pusher tells us was kind of just meant to be.

"When I spotted Push Push on Soundcloud I thought, 'Wouldn't it be funny if we ever made a song together,' just because of our artist names," he said. "Then I heard her stuff and thought 'Woah, this is actually crazy, how is she not already famous.'"

"When I got lyrics back they were so crazy good I was able to sit down and basically completely re-write the track and within a few hours the track was done," Pusher finished. "It's my personal bad bitch anthem for 2016." And all we can really say is "Same."

Listen below.

PUSHER's New Laces EP is out August 26th on Black Butter Records.

photo by Saty + Pratha / courtesy of the artist

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