In honor of what was undoubtedly a difficult Monday, we're premiering Ash B.'s powerful new track "Realness" and the third single from ballroom collective Qween Beat's forthcoming compilation album, QWEENDOM.

Following on the heels of the infectious Byrell the Great track "Bubble Drip" and Beek & Commentator Buddah's "Qween Bitch," "Realness" shows off the talents and hook-filled lyricism of the collective's newest member (and second female ever). Hailing from Newark, NJ, Ash B.'s demanding, androgynous voice shines atop a classic clap-drop ballroom beat by none other than the incredible Divoli S'vere -- and as label boss MikeQ said, the track "can give you realness or cunt and still serve you down." Listen to the track below and try your damnedest to not work.

Preorder Qween Beat Presents: QWEENDOM here.

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