There's no artist more deeply shrouded in mystery than ZHU, the "phantom" of dance music and king of unquestionable bangers. Coupled with the mildly disconcerting video that you can bet is playing on a makeshift projector screen in an underground Berlin club as we speak, you can rest assured ZHU's latest offering "Intoxicate", is no exception.

Be aware, however, the track's accompanying visual should definitely come with a trigger warning for anyone with a highly rational fear of dolls. There will be saws, heavy mannequin make-out sessions and even pyrotechnics, leaving us simultaneously shook and thirsty for more.

"It was such a pleasure working with Zhu," says "Intoxicate"s 23 year-old prodigy director Miles Joris-Peyrafitte. "From the beginning, he was totally open and collaborative. We talked about Lynch and other filmmakers Zhu felt inspired by (as did I), and given the location he already knew he wanted to shoot in, we began throwing ideas together."

"[ZHU]'s incredibly creative and really intelligent," Joris-Peyrafitte adds. "So working with him and his team was a great pleasure."

If you need more ZHU, the artist has revealed a series of underground warehouse parties with tickets limited to his top fans. If that's you, you can get access here, otherwise watch the video below and prepare yourself for a real trip.

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