Premiere: Contessa Stuto's "Reign in Ratchet"

by Abby Schreiber

PAPER Nightlife Award Winner for Best Personality, erstwhile Brooklyn real estate agent and Cunt Mafia Queen Bee Contessa Stuto has come out with her debut single and video, "Reign in Ratchet," which you can watch exclusively on Papermag. The track's a mix of rap and heavy metal, inspired, Stuto tells us, by Slayer's "Raining Blood."

"We took it to the ultimate next level," Stuto says. "The [video] is a funny play on what it is to be 'ratchet', especially with this whole phenomenon of 'white girl ratchet.' It's just me being comedic and funny."

Shot on Stuto's street in Bushwick during a neighborhood block party, the clip features the MC raging (sometimes topless) with associates that include Cakes da Killa, Jay Boogie, Antonio Blair from House of Ladosha and a whole posse of Bushwick art punks. "I took advantage of being able to use the whole block to invite my friends and get drunk. It's low-budget realness," Stuto says of the shoot. "[My neighbors] thought it was hilarious. Everyone knows me because I've been on this block on and off for 5-6 years now and it's a tight-knit community."

Not everyone was so chill with the video, though.

"We shot the '80s Porsche scene in Greenpoint on the waterfront and snuck in. The cops came and kicked people out but it worked to my advantage. It was a very Limp Bizkit 'Nookie' moment."

With Stuto at the helm, could Nu Metal be making a comeback?

"Reign in Ratchet" was directed by Ursula Mann and produced by Proper Villains

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