LA's hottest singer/songwriters, Bobby Brackins and Marc E. Bassy, have teamed up to showcase the finest the city have to offer in their new visual for "OB" (to save you an Urban Dictionary search, the acronym stands for 'our bae/boo/baby') — but the object of the duo's affection is not your classic video girl, in fact, she's not human at all.

The video depicts Bobby and Marc managing a hair salon and swimming in beautiful girls, when a fluffy, dolled-up poodle walks in and steals their attention. The two proceed to groom the dog and treat her to all the luxuries they can afford — flipping the script on the traditional hip hop visuals.

"For this video I wanted to do something left of center. I wanted to stray away from the norm of typical rap music videos," Bobby says of "OB." "I wanted to do something outside of the box, and that's exactly what we accomplished. I wanted to take it back to the TRL days where all the good music videos had original concepts. Overall, I wanted people to watch this video for "OB" and think "WTF". In a nutshell, we are making good music and having fun with it in the process and that's what this video exemplifies."

Watch below.