Premiere: Blues Singer Cassie Taylor's New Video "Gone and Dead"

By Abby Schreiber

Blues singer and model Cassie Taylor (daughter of legendary blues musician Otis Taylor), is gearing up for the release next month of her sophomore album, Out Of My Mind. In the meantime, she's come out with a new video for one of the record's tracks, "Gone and Dead," shot with an old film projector from the 1960s filled with old vacation photos that Taylor picked up while on tour in Hamburg, Germany. "[The projector] reminded me of the story line of "Gone and Dead," Taylor tells us. "The song is about what we leave behind when we pass on and though I didn't know any of the people in the slides, I could still know part of their story and that to me was really powerful." The video juxtaposes the old slides with Taylor's face and silhouette, creating a dreamy, surrealist vibe that's perfect for the woozy blues track. Watch the video above.

Out Of My Mind is out May 7 via Yellow Dog Records

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