Fulfilling our childhood fantasy, bear rapper Big Dipper channels The Little Mermaid in his new music video, "Vibin," dressed as Ariel (or Hairiel) before growing his legs and falling in love at the beach. The Tobin Del Cuore-directed clip is a departure from BD's more aggressive "Bob N Weave" video with Byrell the Great, stocked with hunky, shirtless sailors, campy choreography and a barely-there sequin speedo. Never one to shy from sexual innuendos (because why should he) "Vibin" takes place on "Merbear Isle," just off the shore of "Skankland" and "Hidden Taint," surrounded entirely by "Seaman's Abyss."

"This is my 'Starships' moment," says the Chicago-bred, NY-based rapper, referring to Nicki Minaj's sun-soaked 2012 smash single. While the track shines with BD's tongue-in-cheek queer humor, it's definitely a power pop moment, designed for Top 40 radio play -- or in the very least, incessant looping during this year's pride parades. 

"Vibin" is the first single off BD's newly-released EP, Extra Good, a five-track effort that's far more sugary than anything he's done in the past. "I wanted to see if I could get away with making songs that could be in a 'Sunny Delight' commercial," he explains. "It's sort of the opposite of what I've been doing lyrically in the past -- more metaphors and less actual dick in mouth shit." Dive into the Paper premiere of "Vibin," above.

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