Hayley Kiyoko's music complicates the sugar-sweet pop you typically lip-sync to in the shower -- and we're not mad about it. Bringing ethereal, Twin Peaks undertones and high school cool to bubblegum pop, her newest single "Pretty Girl" reminds us that Top 40 can still be saccharine, mysterious and powerful, all while continuing to assert the queer desire that exists outside of catering to male pleasure. A concept that's especially refreshing when most media is stiflingly heteronormative.

"'Pretty Girl' is one of my favorite songs on my new EP, Citrine," she says. "It's an acknowledgement of all those beautiful women you come across and think to yourself, 'gosh, that girl is just so beautiful,' but never say anything or act on it. So often I'll think it without saying anything. With this song, I just wanted to share that appreciation."

Hayley does just this in Pretty Girl, singing, "I just want to tell you you're really pretty, girl. I just want to know if you will let me be your world."

Check out the song below:

photo by Asher Moss

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