Precious Davis is one busy lady; a motivational speaker, the Assistant Director of Diversity Recruitment Initiatives at Columbia College Chicago and a consultant who helps organizations examine latent biases in their communities. However, the past few months have been even crazier, as she's also been filming her forthcoming wedding preparations for TLC's Say Yes To The Dress: Atlanta. And as their first out trans bride, no less.

The episode, which finally airs tonight, has the 30-year-old searching for her perfect aisle-ready outfit, seeing as how "one of the biggest moments of almost any woman's life is the magical experience of buying her wedding dress." The episode will also feature her fiancé, Myles Brady, who also happens to be trans, though Precious stresses that "we're also just humans. This isn't about someone's genitalia; this is about love and acceptance. We're really re-creating and redefining what that word looks like."

"I'm starting my own family now and I'm starting new traditions," she told Today in a phone interview. "I wanted a wedding — and a dress — that would convey that entire story" -- especially seeing as how she's hit 30, another landmark moment as the life expectancy of a transwoman of color is 30-32 years old.

"To have this defining moment in my life, my wedding day ... to have that broadcast in such a public way is important," she said. "I've found happiness and safety in my life, and I think that should be celebrated and applauded." A powerful sentiment we can definitely stand behind.

[h/t Today]

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