Praise be Paper Gods, because our favorite new wave hunks Duran Duran have just provided us with the best power ballad we could ever hope for. 

Incredibly moving and theatrical-levels of dramatic, Simon Le Bon's soaring vocals are perfect amongst introspective drum machines and a glistening string section -- truly a single to contemplate to. Listen to the track below -- now complete with a strangely eerie video of crumpling paper. 


Playing Dress-Up With TinyJewishGirl

Story by Mickey Boardman / Photography by James Emmerman / Styling by Scott Shapiro / Hair by Matt Benns / Makeup by Kento Utsubo
Break the Internet ®

Ascend With Poog, the Spiritual Beauty Podcast

Story by Sandra Song / Photography by Julian Buchan / Styling by Chris Horan / Makeup by Ally McGillicuddy / Hair by Gregg Lennon Jr