Techies are ALL OVER the Drake tip today, with two pieces of 6 God software. The first, a curated Drake-centric search engine called "Let Me Drake That For You," streamlines your Google hunts so that the results are all about Drizzy. That means if you want to search simple things like "sandals" or "fridge magnets," you get to skip the middleman and go straight to photos of Drake's feet and his merch. And for all the smartasses out there, really random searches (like "dust bunny" or "cyanide") will return you this message: ":( Looks like Drake ain't care much for that. Keep your head up, though." The website's creator, Tyler Smith, told the Fader that the provider limits him to four results per search, but we think it's worth it regardless. (Definitely don't forget to click "I'm Feelin Drizzy.") And if that's not enough for you, a new iPhone app created by Nico Uribe lets you run around Toronto with your woes. It may seem simple, but get back to us if maneuvering a little pixelized Drake and collecting "6"s doesn't bring you crazy happiness. Download it here.

[h/t The Fader]

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