photo by Jean Paul-Goude 

The marketing geniuses at Pornhub are at it again -- this time by publishing a study on porn consumption statistics with a little help from the team at Mic. Can you say happy humpday?

As suspected, millennials are the horniest and fastest to finish. They're also 144% more likely to search for hentai and 44% more apt to search the term "cartoon," which will (probably) be used as quote-unquote proof that "immature, ADD hook-up culture" is a thing. Whatever, mom.

Dumb punchlines aside, there are also some very interesting and informative fap-centric factoids out there -- like the fact that Monday is the site's most popular day and that (as a millennial) you're probably using your phone to consume lesbian porn (or Kim) right before bedtime.

Either way, whether you're a twenty-something titty-lover or a fifty-something fetish fiend, you're obviously visually-inclined -- so check out this nice set of Pornhub infographics and try to refrain from a "Blew Monday" joke, ok?ð��ª

[h/t Mic]
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