Beloved spank-muses, PornHub, continues to go there, this time introducing an original fitness program called "BangFit" that's rooted in the good ol' art of fucking.

Claiming to be a remedy against America's ceaseless "sedentary" problem (that PornHub admits it contributes to), BangFit "won't just get you fit, it'll get you fit as FUCK."

The info-mercial reinforces how beneficial getting your bang on is for the mind and body, and introduces specified exercise routines based on how many parties are involved in said sex-session, and the applied gender(s); users sync the site to their respective SmartPhone, and attach that to your waist with "the official BangFit band."

The only thing left to do after that is literally thrust/hump along with the corresponding video on the computer screen, and mimic the movements that'll tighten up the muscles in focus.


GET FUCKED! Literally.

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