Men have traditionally been mainstream porn's target demographic, but recent years have shown an increase in female traffic to adult sites -- and as the number of women viewers has grown, so has interest in their preferences. To better understand how women engage with porn, Pornhub, Redtube, and the Daily Beast teamed up for an article series dubbed "What Women Want," the latest installment of which looks at popular Pornhub search terms and the gender breakdown of site visitors by country. Here are 5 of the most entertaining findings:

"Lesbian" is the term most frequently searched -- and the category most often viewed -- by women.

Is it because a higher proportion of female visitors to the site are queer? Is it because women in lesbian porn actually look like they're having fun? Or is it, as Dazed puts it, "simply because women are prettier than men"?

Terms related to cunnilingus are searched nearly ten times more often by women than by men.

No surprises here -- as with the lesbian porn, a focus on female pleasure takes center stage.

The Philippines and Brazil have the highest percentage of female porn viewers, at 35%. Japan and Germany have the least, at 17%. The U.S. sits at 23%, one percent less than the worldwide average.

The proportion of women visiting the site is actually up across the board, with India seeing the most dramatic increase (26% to 30% over 10 months).

Women spend 48 seconds longer on the site per visit than men -- except in Russia, where they spend 15 seconds less.

Take your time, dudes! It's not a race to the finish -- unless you're hoping to go for a few more rounds.

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