Politics of Cartoons

 It's my understanding that editorial cartoons have to be strong or else they would be pointless. The Muslims are up in arms in Europe over a cartoon they feel blasphemed their God and are acting out their anger with boycotts and now kidnappings as well. Though we may be dismayed at their outrage over a cartoon while remaining mum over suicide bombings, it's not out of character for those coming out of autocratic societies to be so themselves. But how do we justify our Joint Chiefs of Staff writing a protest letter to the Washington Post because they don't like an editorial cartoon that appeared in the paper by Tom Toles. Don't you just wish our government stopped complaining about bad press and focus instead on coming up with some good news.

"The Tom Toles cartoon, published Sunday, depicts a heavily bandaged soldier in a hospital bed as having lost his arms and legs, while Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, in the guise of a doctor, says: "I'm listing your condition as 'battle hardened.' " Toles said he meant no offense toward American soldiers.

"The letter to The Post, signed by Gen. Peter Pace, chairman of the Joint Chiefs, the vice chairman and the service chiefs of the Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force, said: 'We believe you and Mr. Toles have done a disservice to your readers and your paper's reputation by using such a callous depiction of those who have volunteered to defend this nation, and as a result, have suffered traumatic and life-altering wounds . . .'"

via washintonpost.com


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