This just in on the Internet – the gift that keeps on giving – Justin Bieber is reportedly being investigated for head butting someone at a pre-Grammys party. Magical.

Sweet TMZ brings us the news that Justin Bieber was "play fighting" ( ;~) ) with Disney star Kyle Massey in a West Hollywood restaurant when he noticed an employee filming the exchange. Bieber asked the man to delete the footage and when he didn't comply, the star allegedly head butted him.

Another restaurant staffer called 911, but by the time police arrived at the scene Biebs had already left. While a PR representative for the restaurant told US Weekly that no employee had anything to do with the incident, a fellow party attendee said Bieber was "the victim."

"Justin was hanging by his table the majority of the night," claimed the unidentified partygoer. Justin definitely seemed to be the victim. He was enjoying his night with his friends. Whoever went after Justin must have been out to get him."

[h/t US Weekly]
Image via Emanuele D'Angelo/

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