Major Lazer's video for "Run Up" with Nicki Minaj and PARTYNEXTDOOR is finally here and if you, like me, have no idea what it's trying to say, I tried to imagine how exactly the pitch meeting went down because what in hell is happening in this video.

Directors: So it's going to be like a LA pool party scenario, but everyone's on their phones, Snapchatting, Face-Timing, Instagram stories etc. People will be filming themselves making out. We'll try to do it really nouveau like incorporate i-Phone-shot footage...or at least fake it.

Management: Mmm yes, millennial, relatable, here for it.

Directors: Right? So everyone's on their phones but PARTY isn't. He's confused. He's into a girl. She's on her phone and doesn't notice.

Management: Way-oh! Here it is, the whole "disconnect" message.

Directors: Nah nah hold on there. So then Nicki comes in for her verse and she's face-timing Diplo and she's twerking and it's all go.

Management: I'm with you, I feel it.

Directors: Then that's it for Nicki and we're back at the party with PARTY and the girl and he gets a face-time call from the girl he was pulling up on.

Management: Juicy.

Directors: Right? But PLOT TWIST, they're face-timing and she's right next to him.

Management: Love it. Then he hangs up, right? Because he doesn't want to live a relationship through his phone?

Directors: No.

Management: Ohhh, so he answers the call but then they both realize they should throw their phones in the pool and leave together?

Directors: No.

Management: So like...what's the message?

Directors: There really isn't one.

Management: No message? No moral?

Directors: None, but the Internet-gen will love it.

Management: Iconic. Done.

I mean, that's pretty much the lot, but if you still want the experience watch below and challenge yourself to understand.

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