Bed-Stuy is about to get a dose of remixed Southern comfort courtesy of Dee and Ricky Jackson. Two-thirds of a triplet set from Staten Island, the 24-year-olds got their start designing accessories and making connections in downtown Manhattan while still in high school -- commuting via ferry in order to skate and schmooze. The two rose to sartorial prominence thanks to their kicky belts made from Legos as well as plush, cartoony brooches, which found fans like Kanye West and Marc Jacobs. After traveling the world over, the two decided to settle in one place for a while and pay homage to their Southern and Caribbean heritage -- by opening a fast food joint, aptly named Dee and Ricky's. "There will be seats out front, so you can get fucked up inside or get fucked up outside!" Dee exclaims, walking me through the purple and green saturated space, which is decorated with quirky objets like artist Nathan Sawaya's Lego taxidermy and rainbow-hued flooring insets.

Dee does most of the talking, while Ricky puts his head down on the counter and swivels his diner stool from side to side. Across from Ricky sits their partner in the restaurant, Alvin Wray, a retired high school assistant principal introduced to them by a family friend. Wray, who had been planning to open a restaurant for some time, provides a calming balance to the equation if one of the guys be- comes distracted or veers off topic.

When asked which chefs they admire, Dee ticks off New Orleans' John Besh and Food Network star Paula Deen, which sets Ricky off. "Paula Deen? No way, she's a mess." Eventually he concedes she's pretty good and goes on to walk me through the menu. Pulling from their combined Georgian and Jamaican roots, the team plans to serve jerk chicken lollipops, fried PB&J sandwiches with bananas and bacon and rum root beer floats. To feature their design work, they've added a small retail space, which will sell a line of limited edition PONY sneakers as well as aprons and flatware. Describing his vision, Dee puts it bluntly: "We're just trying to be the coolest restaurant in America." Which doesn't seem entirely

★ Dee and Ricky's opens this month at 503 Myrtle Ave., Brooklyn, New York. ★

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