With Drake dropping Views late last night, we thought it would be nice to have something to do while listening to songs about fighting in a Cheesecake Factory. We brainstormed some of the themes and things that Drake likes to bring up frequently in his work, and created Drake Bingo. Some of these squares are self explanatory: If he mentions or works with a person, take the space. Others, are a little more abstract. For example, favorite Drake archetype, the "good girl," can encompass both any woman who doesn't return his texts or disappears, but also any girl he dropped for fame but is still waiting on his call. "Straight Male Existential Crisis" can include getting your feelings hurt because people don't answer your texts. Stream Views, play along, and see how quickly you can get a completed card (or go cry into your vodka).

Photos courtesy BFA.com. Bingo illustration by Morgan Zakarin.

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