Prolific musician PJ Harvey is working on an ambitious new multimedia project with poetry written by young refugees and migrants, through the UK's Southbank Centre and Poetry Society. Readings, films, workshops and live performances will feature their words, all broadcasted on Channel 4 for National Poetry Day.

The event's director, Susannah Herbet, told The Guardian:

A poem can reach places that prose just can't. That's why we're inviting all with anything important to say today to say it with a poem. It can be new or old, utterly original or a familiar favorite. It can be deep and dark, funny or memorable. By enjoying, discovering or sharing a poem – words that draw attention to themselves – you change the nature of the national conversation.

Harvey had previously explored these concepts in her most recent album The Hope Six Demolition Project; the musician and her frequent collaborator Seamus Murphy documented their travels through war-torn Kosovo, which seen in the video for "The Wheel."

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