Pippa Middleton May Move to NYC + Marc Jacobs Boutique Gets Tagged = Eight Items or Less

1. Brace yourself: Pippa Milddleton may be moving to New York. [via Daily Intel]
 2. The poster for This Is 40. In other news, we really want to see this. (In related news, check out Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann in our cute couples of the Met Ball round-up.) [via Pop Culture Brain]

3. While everyone was uptown at the Met Ball, a French graffiti artist named Kidult tagged the Marc Jacobs boutique on Mercer Street with the words "Art." This morning, MJ's PR team Tweeted "Art by Art Jacobs." [via New York Observer]

4. Man-Climbing-Up-Tights tights. [via Laughing Squid]

5. Apparently, Dinosaurs may have farted themselves to extinction. [via Fox News]

6. Chevy Chase playing basketball in New York in 1981. [via Tall Whitney]

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