If you come for the Muva you best not miss. Noted waste-of-space British pundit Piers Morgan decided Amber Rose's bottomless SlutWalk announcement needed a response and he was going to be the one to provide it--enter the smackdown heard across the Internet.

A full day after Amber Rose posted her photo, Piers chimed in "Put it away, luv. Thanks."

Amber quickly responded to the bizarre insertion of Victorian values with snark.

And the floodgates opened. Amber retorted, pointing out the strange double standard Piers forwarded, and Piers doubled down in a futile demonstration of, idk, strength?

And this great non sequitur:

At this point, Amber reposted her photo with the caption "one more time for the haters" and Piers sulked. He's probably licking his wounds somewhere whining about the male gaze. Fitting.

Header photo via Amber Rose/Twitter

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