Weekly columnist Piers Morgan can add yet another notch to his infinitely large troll belt, with an op-ed in the Daily Mail that he preferred "the less inflammatory, less agitating" Beyoncé, rather than the "black woman political activist" he sees her as today.

Morgan began the piece praising Bey, and slicing in portions of the 2011 interview he did with her in London.

She's a global brand, one of the best in the business, and has generally steered studiously clear of saying or doing anything too contentious which might polarise that audience – preferring to entertain for the sake of entertaining.

But just lately, Beyonce's been adding a far more serious, deeply political and race-fuelled tone to her work.

Mr. Morgan goes on to complain about Bey's "Formation" video, and Super Bowl performanc, feeling unsettled by B's "politically charged" undertones on Lemonade.

He felt particularly offended by Bey's featuring the mothers of Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin--who were murdered by a racist policeman and a racist civlian, respectively--in the Lemonade short film.

I have huge personal sympathy for both women and there is no doubt that African-Americans have been treated appallingly by certain rogue elements within the country's police forces.

But I felt very uneasy watching these women being used in this way to sell an album. It smacks of shameless exploitation.

Morgan grounded his argument in what Beyoncé told him during the 2011 interview, about how her music has been transcended racial and cultural barriers:

'A bit, but I feel like with my career I've now broken barriers. I don't think people think about my race. I think they look at me as an entertainer and a musician and I'm very happy about that because that's how I look at people. It's not about color and race, and I'm happy that's changing.'

He seems very dismayed by Beyoncé celebrating her own blackness, and empowering other women of color.

Beyoncé then was unrecognisable from the militant activist we see now. Then, she was at pains to be seen as an entertainer and musician and not as a black woman who sings.

Now, it seems to be the complete opposite.

Why would she EVER do that?

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