I'm sorry, but Pierre Cardin is a freak. I just read in WWD that he is celebrating his 60th year in business and will present a men's collection for the first time in Paris this season. His concept is "air conditioning." Air conditioning? That's a menswear concept?? I've gotta see this one. He claims he is one busy man and has just returned form a tour of -- get this -- Vietnam, Greece and Turkey (need we say more?) where he did "more than 60 interviews in one day." He also dropped a hint in WWD that he would consider selling his empire (which consists of over 800, yes 800 licenses!!! not to mention restaurants, hotels and other stuff). He thinks his asking price of over a billion bucks is cheap, too!!! But the best was this quote, "Think about it. I am almost the biggest name in fashion. I go to my restaurants to eat, I stay at my hotels, I drink my water (yes, he makes water). The only thing I dont have is salt and pepper." OY.


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