Tyler Hubby is an LA-based photographer who came across a box of photo negatives stashed away in his newly purchased house in Echo Park. The negatives bore the name B.Mason and when Hubby went and got them developed, the subject of Mason's photographic focus were strippers. Many, many strippers.

All of the images that Mason shot chronicled strippers working throughout the 1980's. In a Momento-esque investigation, Hubby tried to piece together the life of Mason, who lived in in the house 30 years ago. From what Hubby could tell, Mason was a university professor by day, risqué photographer by night and judging by how many images Hubby discovered (1,000+ of them) nobody can really accuse Mason of half-assing his pasion.

Ten years after finding these images, Hubby has finally decided to release them, artistically collaborating with a man he doesn't know a thing about.

Peep a few of the released images below.

Update: We have been asked by Mason's daughter to remove these photos from our website and respectfully comply.

Image credits: B. Mason / Tyler Hubby

[h/t Feature Shoot]

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