Photographer Vijat Mohindra is one of the most upbeat and positive celebrity shooters on the scene, and counts many today's most celebrated superstars in his portfolio, from Kim Kardashian to Selena Gomez to Rihanna to Nick Jonas. Now he's moving from the pages of glossies to gallery walls, with his new show opening this Saturday, November 5, at Mars Gallery (649 S Anderon St.) in Los Angeles, entitled "Always Believe Something Wonderful is About to Happen."

Mohindra, who is also a regular PAPER contributor, presents primary-colored portraits of a range of subjects, including Amanda Lepore and Amazon Ashley, whose "fluid spectrum of sexuality and gender acts as a kind of prism, refracting the infinite number of colors within those individual monochromes." The show, Mohindra's first solo gallery exhibition, focuses "on a surreal staging of 'transgender body' -- even when the subject isn't transgender -- as transcendental icons in a world of post-digital modernism, geometry-fashion, and cat worship." What could be more modern? Check out his work in the slideshow below.

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