Photographer Alma Haser Creates Stunning (and Eerie) Origami-Enhanced Portraits

by Abby Schreiber
Lilly and Anastasia by Alma Haser

On this otherwise sleepy summer Friday, check out these eye-catching portraits by London artist Alma Haser. In her photo series Cosmic Surgery, Haser spiffs up her photographs by taking multiple portrait shots, folding the photographs into elaborate, origami-like shapes and super-imposing them on top of the original shot and then re-photographing the whole thing. The result is a series of kaleidoscopic, mutant-like portraits that are made eerier when it involves two sitters, only one of whom has received the origami treatment. Check out more of Haser's work below and you can see additional photos over at It's Nice That and on Haser's website.

[via It's Nice That]

Felix by Alma Haser

Tilly and Johnny by Alma Haser

Cassie by Alma Haser

Photos by Alma Haser

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