Photo via Paper.

Pharrell's deep love of sci-fi and space is well-documented -- after all he named his band/production duo Neptunes, his record label Star Trak and his other band, um, N*E*R*D* In June, he told Today's Savannah Guthrie that he was obsessed with Carl Sagan's show Cosmos and required a framed photo of him in his dressing rooms.

He was serious. The Smoking Gun acquired his 2015 tour rider, which lists his request for a photo of the famed astronomer not once but twice. Among his other essentials: Nilla Wafers, alkaline water, "super cold sodas" and beef stew with carrot and potatoes (but "grass fed beef only if available, otherwise no beef). Pharrell does not fuck around.

While this is all fine and good, this story is totally burying the lede: The potential discovery of how Pharrell appears to be permanently 26 years old, even though dude is 42.

Cetaphil, y'all.

Listed among the Pedialyte and Kettle One vodka is Pharrell's likely fountain of youth: "Cetaphil cleansing wipes and lotion."

Even though Cetaphail has always felt to us like washing your face with sunscreen mixed with lard, we are willing to re-consider if it means we'll be forever Pharrell. Embrace the cosmos. Embrace the Cetaphil.

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