Pets on Paper: Meet Wylie!

Elizabeth Thompson
Pets on PAPER, our recently resurrected blog series, features reader-submitted pictures of their pets sitting on top of, reading, playing with and generally doing their thing with a copy of PAPER Magazine

What's your name?
Wylie Bear Densford
How old are you? Five
Where do you live? Gramercy Park
Who do you live with? My mom, Starr
What are your pastimes? Licking, digging, sniffing, and staring off in to space - I'm a pretty busy guy.
What's your favorite cover of PAPER? The April issue is great because I really love the bone on Beth Ditto's Jeremy Scott stole. I also like Devendra Banhart's bra and necklace on the February 2008 cover. As you can see from my bandanna, I love an accessory!

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