Pets on PAPER: Meet Simon and Sonjia

Welcome to Pets on PAPER, wherein you, you crazy readers, put your pet on a copy of PAPER, take a photo, and send the photo our way... This week, we are pleased to introduce you to two kitty kats that go by the names of Simon and Sonjia.

Sonjia (right)

How old are you? I’m 3 years old.2

Where do you live? Gramercy, Manhattan

What are your favorite pastimes? I live for food, but I love chasing invisible insects. Other than that I never leave Simon’s side.

Simon (left)

How old are you? Age is only a number.

Where do you live? Gramercy, Manhattan

What are your pastimes? Scheming on a way to break out my house. Licking Sonjia, licking myself. Hanging out with Pierce.

What's your favorite PAPER cover and why?
The Rihanna cover is a pretty good day bed when you’re in need.

Put your pet on PAPER! Take a photo of your pet with a copy of PAPER magazine, have him/or answer the questions above and email the goods to with the phrase "Pets on PAPER" in the subject line!

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