Pets on PAPER: Meet Melville

Pets on PAPER, our recently resurrected blog series, features reader-submitted pictures of their pets sitting on top of, reading, playing with and generally doing their thing with a copy of PAPER Magazine.

What's your name?
How old are you? 14 years young.
Where do you live? Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Who do you live with? My mother, Maddie and my dad, Adam.
What are your pastimes? Getting pet, looking for chicken bones on the street, sleeping, sitting on laps, relaxing in my Snuggie for Dogs, stalking my feline roommate's life, and blowing people away with my impressively bad breath.
What's your favorite cover of PAPER? My hair is curly and very floppy, so I love Andy Samberg's wash-and-wear look on the August 2007 cover. I also appreciate Gael Garcia Bernal's side part on the cover of your May 2009 design issue.

Want to see your pet on PAPER? Submit a photo/photos, plus answers to the above questions, to

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