Pets on PAPER: Meet Dulce

Pets on PAPER, our recently resurrected blog series, features reader-submitted pictures of their pets sitting on top of, reading, playing with and generally doing their thing with a copy of PAPER Magazine. Meet our new furry friend Dulce, who has her own blog!

What's your name?  Dulce. My full name is Dulce de la Maison which means "sweet of the house" in French and Spanish (my mom takes grande literary license).
How old are you?  I'm 8 and a half, though I have the heart of a puppy.
Where do you live?  I live in the West Village with my mom, Wendy.
Who do you live with?  My mom. Sometimes she travels and I stay with Grandma Jackie or Leon -- he's my walker and we run in the park and he lets me sleep on the bed, so I love Leon.
What are your pastimes? I explore NYC,  hang out with mom in the studio, go to music gigs (the fans at Rockwood are cool -- they always play with me). I love play dates with my neighbor. She's 8 too and sometimes we have sleepovers.
What's your favorite cover of PAPER? I like the Rufus Wainwright cover -- he's super cool and very theatrical. I imagine he'd make a great dog friend. The Rihanna cover is cool too. What can I say, I'm a music lover.

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