Peter Davis' Status Update: WTF Fashion Accessory

Peter Davis
I was strolling by Capezio when I spotted in the window what I thought were micro-sized panties (argh, hate that word) or thongs for kittens. Nope! Presenting: Thongz footUndeez, constructed of breathable, non-abrasive, mesh Nylon with Lycra Spandex. Not just for dancers, the footUndeez can be worn with any shoe! And if you can't afford a pair (sold on Amazon for $14.90-$23), stop by the Capezio store and enter a contest to win some. "Capezio's Footundeez provide protection and security where it is needed most," boasts another site hawking the weirdly sexual semi-socks. I'm sending Snooki a pair of the leopard ones to wear out clubbing in Miami and the Jersey Shore -- but not on her feet. Hello hot tub!

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