Peter Davis' Status Update: Why Drink Y Water? Because It's Cool!

Peter Davis

As a kid, my parents let me drink Coke with every meal (It was my beverage of choice for breakfast, with Lucky Charms, natch). I told anyone who would listen that I was allergic to milk (not true) and that water was boring. But we all know water is good for you, and Y Water is making it fun for kiddies and adults by bottling the 100 percent organic, low calorie drink in cool containers designed by Yves Behar. The water comes in four flavors to boost brain, bone, muscle and immune system. Founder Thomas Arndt created the drink to offer his own kids and children of the world a tasty, healthy alternative to guzzling six packs of Red Bull. Julianne Moore and Donna Karan drink the stuff and how cool are the sculptures you can make with the empty bottles?

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