Peter Davis' Status Update: The Wright Way

Peter Davis

19-year-old blogger Warren Wright's fashion site The Faindent is NYC's answer to BryanBoy Wright is obsessed with style and design. When not studying at F.I.T., he's constantly updating his blog, which covers every aspect of fashion from the front row faces to celebrities to the latest freaky footwear. A self-described "magazine addict," Wright also makes custom skate decks. He sent me this one at PAPER. I loved the ransom note lettering of the package and the deck is too fun to actually ride and scuff up. "When I think of skateboarding I think of graffiti and Stephen Sprouse, worn out stickers and Tony Hawk Pro Skater, so its a lot of fun making a skateboard and putting your own spin on it," Wright told me. "I personally love markers and the paintbrush stroke effect it creates, so I tend to do a lot of that when handed a big black sharpie. At my school there's always a bunch of skateboarders who skate on the street of the campus. There was this one time I tried to skate down the hallway of my dorm, but I hit a wall, so I'm not that great, but still learning. But I can snowboard."

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