Peter Davis' Status Update: Pretty and Preggers Style Stars

Peter Davis

Photographers Sherly Rabbani Harouni and Josephine Solimene make fashion stars for and Vogue with the click of their shutters. They are a power-pair in fashion land, yet in an industry where people can get stomped on for wearing last season's stilettos, these girls are the sweetest, most polite people at every A-list party -- and talented as all heck with a camera too. And they are now both pregnant, due to have babies a week apart this September. "We didn't plan on getting pregnant at the same time but we are really excited about it," Rabbani Harouni (pictured at right) told me. "We have been business partners for the past ten years and shared all aspects of our photo business. Now in addition to photography, we will to be able to share all the joys of motherhood together. It was hard enough to figure out what to wear comfortably while we work so now the bigger challenge has been finding chic ways to dress while pregnant." Congratulations girls! XOXO

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