Peter Davis' Status Update: Pop a Wheelie

Peter Davis

I am so obsessed with The Standard Hotel. Andre Balazs has truly earned the title of king of New York. The Boom Boom Room on the 18th floor is, as Patrick McMullan said, the new Studio 54 -- just ask Madonna or Daphne Guinness. The Standard Grill is not only yummers food but I seem to know someone in every booth (or want to know them, like Julianne Moore). The latest chicness from The Standard style mavens is a custom, limited edition (only 2,000 made) Standard bicycle, part of an ongoing collaboration between SE Racing and DC Shoes. The bike, which has a freewheel and a fixed gear hub, is available for hotel guests to use and can also be bought at the hotel store for $1,250. It's perfect for style setters as it comes in matte black with an anodized gold front rim and the Standard logo embossed into the leather seat.

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