Peter Davis' Status Update: Liam McMullan Doesn't Like Suckers

Peter Davis
If you're legendary scene photographer Patrick McMullan's son, there is no way you're not going to inherit the party gene. Liam McMullan is hosting a bash this Thursday at The Anchor Bar. The invitation reads: "Liam McMullan Will be Holding it Down." Expect to see Liam's sexy fiancee Aesha Waks, his proud papa Patrick and more hipsters than the L train on a Friday night. Liam (who is also an actor and plays a flamboyant gay in Joel Schumacher's rich-kids-on-dope movie Twelve) added this to the Facebook page for his party, at which he will also DJ: "Everyone who is cool will be there. Everyone who sucks is not invited. Please do not suck."

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