Peter Davis' Status Update: Just Say No to Proposition 8

Peter Davis

Last night, before heading to the wild party thrown by Santa's Party House and PAPER, I protested the passing of Proposition 8 in West Hollywood with thousands of gay and straights who are standing up for equal rights. The battle will unfold in California's courthouses and on the streets, and I'm not going to stop fighting for gay rights until I can marry a man in all 50 states. I was pumped to be a part of the protest and elated to bump into my LA friends, like designer Jasmin Shockrian, photographer Thomas Whiteside, China Chow and novelist Christopher Rice. Today, after lunch with Bijou Phillips, I'll be at the Mormon Temple (the Mormons raised 20 million dollars in support of Proposition 8) to let those religious fanatics know just how pissed off I am. Please join me at 2 p.m. sharp at the Mormon Temple (10777 Santa Monica Blvd.). The fight for civil rights has just begun!

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