Peter Davis' Status Update: Jesse James Eats Skittles

Peter Davis

Poor Oscar winning actress Sandra Bullock. If it isn't bad enough that she married the tattooed version of Tiger Woods, still more of her (soon to be ex?) husband, bad-boy biker/reality TV star Jesse James' lovers are coming out and blabbing to the tabs. The latest pair recounts a "freaky four-way" last June (what four-ways aren't freaky?) with James and his #1 bimbo Michelle "Bombshell" McGee to Life & Style magazine. Tattoo shop owner Eric McDougall claims the foursome included James, McGee, himself and his buxom receptionist, who uses the name Skittles Valentine. From the look of Skittles, there is nothing sweet about her. Reports say that sexaholic James has entered Sierra Tuscon rehab center in Arizona -- let's hope they check for any STDs that Skittles might have passed a long. Can anyone ever enjoy a bag of Skittles candy and "experience the rainbow" again?

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