Peter Davis' Status Update: General Idea's Bumsuk Choi's Champs-a-thon = Missed Flight!

Peter Davis

Doc Martens stomped down so many runways this season, from preppy Michael Bastian to edgy General Idea, proving that punk is back. I loved the General Idea show, held at Exit Art, from the Johnny Rotten frayed sweaters to the leopard boots. General Idea designer Bumsuk Choi was so happy post-catwalk that he over-toasted at the Ace Hotel afterwards. "My team and I topped off 11 bottles of champagne at the Ace to celebrate," Choi told me. "I should have stopped at the 10th bottle because I missed my flight to Las Vegas!" Choi is a busy guy -- later this year, Puma is releasing a limited edition collection of his designs for their Black Station line, which will be carried throughout Asia.

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